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About the Farm

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A Living Farm


Changes Over the Years

The farm has been in operation for over 250 years!

The founders did not plant grapes, but utilized the rich soil for other crops.

The grapes were planted in the early 1960's as this special property was being prepared for a new type of crop.

Farm 1750 Flyover.png

Our grapes have been exported for many years. Many winemakers from the Midwest sought out our grapes for their distinct flavor profile.


Prior to the DaSilva Family purchasing the property, the vines fell into disrepair and production came to a stop. 

Welcome the DaSilvas

In 2021, the farm was saved! Fernando and Tammy DaSilva purchased the property and established Tres Flihos Vineyard. They began restoring the vines and have a plan to begin production in the near future. 

As renovations took place on the farmhouse Farm 1750 was born and the DaSilva Family welcomed Farm 1750's First Wedding - their son Lance married his beloved Brittany.

Farm Looking Out to Vineyards_edited_edited.jpg

Farm 1750 Awaits

Today Tres Filhos Vineyard and Farm 1750 await you! We invite you to come and see all the amazing restoration that is happening on the farm! Farm 1750 is truly a Wedding Venue rooted in history, legacy, and tradition - we invite you to Come Home to Farm 1750 and start your legacy here!

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