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About the Vineyard - Tres Filhos Vineyard

Farm 1750 is the main farmhouse on over 100 acres of actively working farmland, including the spectacular vineyards of Tres Filhos Vineyard.

Tammy and Fernando DaSilva have been wine lovers for many years. They spend much of their free time traveling and enjoying amazing food and wine. When the opportunity to acquire the vineyard came up they couldn't pass it by!

They are currently renovating the farm including the Beautifully Restored Farmhouse of Farm 1750 and the grapes that make up the surrounding fields of Tres Filhos Vineyard.

Naming Tres Filhos Vineyard

Fernando and Tammy have three handsome sons and wanted to incorporate them into the naming of the vineyard. They decided to use Fernando’s Portuguese family heritage as they wanted to show their love, honor and family in their business. This is how Tres Filhos Vineyard was created as “Tres Filhos” is Portuguese for “3 Sons.”

In our home, nothing is more important or celebrated than family. When you visit Tres Filhos, you will be greeted with the warmth & hospitality that comes with being invited into our home. Deep Rooted in tradition is our love for food, wine, & futebol.

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