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Brittany Tells Her Love Story with Lance

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Our love story is not as sappy as most people but it's still our journey and special.

Although the first time we met was in high school, we aren't high school sweethearts but we built our foundation on friendship. I left for college and he stayed back in high school. Unfortunately, we didn't stay friends through out that time, but we rekindled and met again two years later. Yes, I was the sucker who texted and initiated for us to meet again! (What can I say, I missed him).

After that we started our long journey to where we are today. We battled with long distance while we were both college athletes with very busy schedules. At one point we drifted apart but came back together again.

Every moment was worth it and why our love and family is so strong today. Our love story always has us together in the end.

First we had a dog together, and now we have a beautiful family that continues to grow.

I wouldn't change our love story for the world!

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