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Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Fernando and Tammy - Real Love Stories - Farm 1750 Love Stories

Fernando who is originally from Massachusetts and Tammy who is original from Illinois met at work in the post office on Camp Lejeune, NC where they both were stationed. Tammy had been in the Marine Corps since 1990 and Fernando had just joined in 1994 and was at his first duty station.

Fernando and Tammy started talking through mutual friends and became friends themselves. Little did Tammy know that one evening while just hanging out and attending a boxing match on base would be the night she realize there friendship was changing and stronger feelings were developing. A good friend of theirs knew both of them liked each other more than friends and played the match marker behind the scenes. In Dec 1995, the first kiss happen and was the month they started falling in love with each other.

One day while standing in the kitchen Fernando told Tammy he had received orders to be station at Cuba and asked if she would be willing to wait for him. From there they started there long distant relationship as Fernando was station in Cuba and Tammy left the Marine Corps and moved back home to Chicago. Fernando came to visit during his time in Cuba. On his last visit over the summer and as they were running to catch his flight back to Cuba Fernando stopped before his gate to proposed to Tammy in Ohara Airport. Of course she said yes, they married in 1997 and their love story continues as they celebrated their 25th anniversary in 2022.

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